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Buy the best Golden Emperor magic mushrooms

Golden Emperor shrooms are a strain of magic mushrooms. They’re classified as a member of the greater Psilocybe cubensis species of mushrooms, which itself is just one of over 100 different species of psychoactive fungi.

Most people by now have heard of strains like Golden Teachers — but few are familiar with its kin, the Golden Emperor.

The Golden Emperor strain isn’t as famous as GTs, but it’s every bit as exciting, providing insightful and meaningful trips that are notably strong but have less propensity for pushing you into the deep end compared to other magic mushroom strains.

Golden Emperors are the progeny of the famed Golden Teachers strain and therefore share similar potency and effects.

Like their parent strain, Golden Emperor shrooms are reliable for taking deep introspective dives and microdosing alike. These shrooms can be very strong but are less likely than other strains (such as Penis Envy) to force you into psychedelic dimensions you’re not ready to enter.


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